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5 Elements Club – a unique place for our community from your suppliers of unforgettable adventures.

5 Elements Club – a unique place for our community from your suppliers of unforgettable adventures.

A series of unique gifts connected with our events, available only to Club members!

A deck of cards with NPC images? Emblems signifying conflict sides of BQ? A series of thematic stickers or magic props not available in the standard offer – these and many, many more you will find in 5 Elements Club!

There are many benefits and surprises waiting for members of the Club…

First of all, you will get the opportunity to obtain unique products and services, not available in another way, placed in the category “5 Elements Club”!

We are going to start with thematic gadgets related to events which we organize. Some of them are already designed or ordered but before we introduce them to you, we want them to be properly recalculated and available in our warehouse so that we can present them to you rightly 🙂 .

We are planning to open the collection in the middle of June.

Of course, this is just the beginning – you can expect many other unique items and offers in the future for we have prepared not only interesting gadgets in the assortment of the Club: we’ve already planned a number of closed events and workshops in our calendar, designed for our most faithful fans. We offer some personalized RPG and larp scenarios based on jointly explored universes for those who will not be able to attend the events. And this is not our last word! We’re working on new ideas that you will know about in near future! We can’t tell you everything right away, because then there would be no surprise :).

That’s not all – an option for organized groups and squads!

Especially for organized groups that devote dozens (if not hundreds) of their worktime hours to mobilize players or create a story or camps, we have prepared an extension of our Club’s activity.

We want to support you at every level and stage – including those related to shopping before the event. Therefore, in addition to discounts that you could always count on, all purchases made with a group discount code will be converted into points and added among the group (e.g. a Battle Quest squad). Thanks to this device there will be no need to pay for various services (renting weapons, buying straw cubes, renting a photographer for your exclusivity, etc.) at all!

How does it work?

It’s simple. We want you to stay with us. When you shop in our store, you get points for the value of your purchases (PLN 1 = 1 point). Each 100 points is the equivalent of PLN 5 to be spent in our store, in the section available only to Club members.

You can use your points yourself or pass them to a friend! There is also a possibility of spending points for usual shopping in our store but this is only a “side effect” of the Club and the method probably won’t be used too often;).

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