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Shipment from the 5 Elements store

How do we operate? Our e-shop delivers products from the biggest larp gear manufacturers – Epic Armory and Freyhand. That means that we sadly don’t have all of the items available in stock at all time. This note should help to understand the different variations of delivery times. Instant shipping – delivery in 48 hours! We want...

Leather conservation

Many of us have problems with impregnating the leather equipment we bought or crafted ourselves. Every larper should have at least a few leather items in their wardrobe. But do we know how to take care of them?

How to take care of latex weapons?

How to take care of latex weapons? You bought a latex weapon that you always dreamed about? You want for it to serve you for as long as possible? It’s easy! All you need to do is to follow the rules below. Attention: Most of the tips shared here are for swords, but they can also be easily...