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5 Żywiołów store – satisfaction survey

5 Żywiołów store – satisfaction survey

We recently published a survey regarding the level of your satisfaction with shopping in the 5 Żywiołów store. We are very glad that almost a hundred people (ninety-one, to be exact) decided to share their opinion. We are even more pleased that vast majority of those opinions are very positive, and any voices of criticism are constructive and we were able to implement most of those suggestions with the launch of our new store.

The survey was divided into a few parts and to fully show you the extent of introduced changes, we shall publish results of most answers.

Assortment, quality and prices

As you can see, there is some room for improvement when it comes to product availability; we say more about it in the upcoming points. It seems that most of you are happy about the store’s assortment. Our offer is very wide – a few thousands of various products. We gradually withdraw those that are of worse quality according to our own observation and your feedback.

We asked you if you think our shop lacks certain products. In the comments, you mostly told us that you would like to see some PU weapons in our offer.

We were able to introduce some products from Calimacil and almost the whole product line from Wyvern Crafts. You mentioned some other manufacturers that you would also like to see in our offer – be patient, there will be time for everything. Moreover, you would like more scabbards, two-handed swords, good leather armour and camping accessories.

Our service

Competence – almost ninety per cent gave us at least a 5 – it’s quite satisfying, but we aim to get one hundred one day. Our team is constantly learning new things about the issues regarding the items we have on offer – and the ever-growing assortment is quite a challenge.

Availability – there’s much more to be improved here – unfortunately,  because we are an intermediary, we are not able to send out everything right away, but we’re working on making our storage room bigger and being able to send the products to you in a quicker manner. Moreover, Freyhand is currently finishing up its modernization process, due to which they’re products are going to be much more available.

Willingness to help, politeness and friendliness – what more can we say – we do our best. As one can see, you are very satisfied with our service – which doesn’t mean we’re going to rest on our laurels!

We also asked if you have concrete objections to our service. There were a few reservations regarding the delivery of Freyhand products, which was often extended due to no fault of our own. We hope that it will improve this year – if not, with a heavy heart we will resign from the cooperation with that company.

The other critique regarded the difficulties in contact before Battle Quest – unfortunately, during such events we often needed all hands on deck, which lead to aforementioned difficulties. From now on the shop will have a dedicated employee, so such problems should not take place.

Internet store

Easiness of shopping – as one can see, this is so far the worst aspect of our store. Some part of errors is caused by problems connected to the mobile version or TPay – the online payment system or the English version of the store. To avoid such errors, we decided to build a new store and thus eliminate as many problems as possible. Here we have a great favour to ask of you! If you see something not operating correctly, don’t hesitate to write us on [email protected], describe the problem and send a print screen – thanks to that we will be able to get read of bugs immediately.

Effectiveness of searching products – we are surprised that over 50% gave us a 5 or a 6 – because in our opinion the filtration system was crude and unreliable. Luckily, thanks to our IT magician we were able to find a proper solution, thanks to which you will easily filter manufacturers and products that are available right away; moreover, we have introduced a clear tag system, which will make it easier to find a gear suitable for a specific type of a character.

Usefulness of information about a product – the product descriptions are quite a complex issue – translating them itself took us hundreds of hours. We slowly update the missing descriptions, but the whole process will take a bit more time, and we didn’t want to postpone the new store launch because we know that you would already like to start preparing yourself for the new season.

We asked if any functionality aspect is missing in the 5 Elements online store. You think that, above all, the site should perform more smoothly, have a better mobile version, and the sorting should be reliable. Moreover, you are very irritated by a product in different sizes that are available as a few different products. We were able to change those thins – our new store runs smoother, we improved the filtering systems, and the products that were available in five sizes and three colours (which meant 15 different products) were combined into one, which makes the browsing much quicker.


Safety of transactions – unfortunately, we didn’t ask you here what constitutes a lower evaluation mark.  All your personal data in our store is safe – we use a proven payment operator Tpay, and you can read about their transaction safety here.

Availability of preferred payment methods – many of you indicated that the lack of Paypal is a big flaw. For some time we used that form of payment, but when the ticket sale started, the service blocker all our money, explaining such action with their policy to secure finances in case of an event being cancelled. Unfortunately, 5 Żywiołów is not in such a good financial position to have financial resources frozen, nor does it want an ‘advanced parental control’  and a need to ask Paypal to withdraw instalments for individual purchases.


Cost of delivery – delivery cost is 20 PLN in Poland and much more when it goes to other countries. We are working on introducing the parcel pick-up station option and cheaper deliveries for small orders and international parcels – but we need a bit more time. We will let you know when we implement the new options. It’s worth to subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.

Promptness of delivery – this year we greatly focus on sending you packages and inform you as quickly as possible in case of any deficiencies on the manufacturers’ side. The delays are often are fault but we are our that all in all it doesn’t matter since it’s you who are waiting for their dream gear.

We took in your remarks about the delivery. We will add parcel pick-up stations, Inpost, and organize a cheaper international delivery. Last year we sent out almost 1000 parcels, so it should help us negotiate better prices.

5 Żywiołów Club

According to your suggestions, we created more accessible rules of how the 5 Żywiołów Club functions, which you can find here. In view of the Covid-19 situation you will unfortunately have to wait a bit for the implementation of the ‘teased gadgets, events and other wonders’, but you still can use your gathered points to get a discount for your next purchase.

Client satisfaction

For the question “Are you satisfied with the products purchased in our store?” we got only positive answers. What else can we say – we are very happy there’s no dissatisfied person. It means a lot to us.

We also asked you “why did you choose our store. We’ve learned that was mainly because of the assortment, attractive prices and positive opinions about the store. But we also got some interesting individual answers.

The biggest inconvenience

You enumerated a few things here, but the most often factors was bearing the costs of eventual return and no possibility of trying a product on.

As for now, we are not preparing a visualisation system, but we are considering introducing free-of-charge returns, but what will surely help you with picking the correct size is the product rating system – now you can rate a purchased product and at the same time determine its size compatibility, or tell us if something is too big / too small. We are certain it will make the choice much easier. We will write more about the product rating system in the future.

What should we change in the 5 Żywiołów store?

We asked you directly, what should be changed or improved. And we already crossed most bullets from the list:

  • A link to the Adventure Zone in the storedone!
  • Change in sizesdone!
  • Setting a language or currency as default in the storedone!
  • Work on the store’s mobile version (it’s difficult to return to the list of browsed products because it sends you to the beginning)done!
  • Some products lack photos – done, at least most of them, we will keep on filling gaps
  • Change the white template to something different – a so-called night mode – we think that the new template is very clear and there’s no need to implement an additional night mode. But we’re thinking of high contrast mode for people with sight impairments.
  • The size chart is a bit different – unfortunately, with such assortment, it’s difficult to check every product, so we decided to introduce an option through which you can let us know if a product has met your size expectations. We will describe it soon,

Would you recommend the 5 Elements store?

Most of you would recommend our store to your family and friends. And how would you describe us to a friend of yours? We gathered some highlights:

  • „This place is like Narnia…you once cross its borders and you never really return back to this world”
  • „If you want to start your adventure with larping, visit this shop, you will find here everything you need both as a beginner and an expert in this beautiful hobby.”
  • „You’re joining my larping world? Make sure to check their store, you will find something for sure.”
  • “The organized cool events for the community, so it’s worth supporting them. They will organize something more… maybe.”
  • „A LARP shop that has almost everything, but in Poland.”
  • „If Witchers need it – 5 Elements got it!”
  • „#BlameGildarts 🙂 Providing fond memories through amazing events.”
  • „My brain froze, but a very good and useful question. I hope you get better answers from other replies. :D”
  • „A handy place to order LARP gear that will be shipped to the game site for you”
  • „You won’t win a battle wearing just a shirt, and with 5 Żywiołów gear even an ork won’t be a problem for you”
  • „Cool store, a wide selection, but remember to order things with a big heads-up ?”
  • „The stuff they have is good, the customer service is great but the shop’s website is done probably around 1870s”
  • „My witcher family store!”
  • „A store for larpers. A Polish Epic Armoury”
  • „Enthusiasts and professionals, to whom the customer is the most important person in their store.”
  • „Buy in 5 Żywiołów, support the best organizers of larping events! ?”
  • „This is the store run by the Witcher School people, they have a lot of stuff you get at German stores as well, but they’re cheaper so you may want to look there first.”
  • „One of the better stores with larping equipment.”
  • „For Polish conditions, it offers a very wide assortment from various manufacturers; cool people, very engaged in the subject because it’s their thing.”
  • „Customer service like in a good restaurant.”
  • „In the unlikely case that they will need some LARPing stuff that this is the place where they will find the right one.”
  • „The best stocked larping shop in Poland – and it adds awesome fudges to the order ?”
  • „You can always discuss any individual order. Competitive prices, sometimes a long waiting time, but that’s because some products are made on request by the manufacturer! I’ve made a few purchases here and I can whole-heartedly recommend it. ?”
  • „The biggest and the best stocker larping shop – if they don’t have your dream item, they will find it and add it to their assortment ?”

Finally, we asked how did you find out about our store yourself and we confirmed how important the friends’ recommendation really is.

We want to thank all the 91 people, who took from 2 to 20 minute of their time to fill in the survey. We encourage you to check how does our new online store works now. We hope you will notice the leap from the 1870s to 2020s and you shopping with us will be only a pleasure.

5 Żywiołów team

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