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A gift for a larper

A gift for a larper

Today we’d like to say a word about a gift for a larper. We even created a Logbook episode you can find below the blog entry.

In the beginning, you should wonder about what you think the person you want to give a present needs. Have they complained about their shoes that are not atmospheric enough for the last two years, perhaps? Or does he or she every time struggle with the lack of a drinking vessel for various types of beverages? Do they look with admiration at the richly decorated shields of their brothers in arms? It’s worth noting such things, because later, on various occasions, buying a gift ceases to be any challenge.

What to take into account when buying a present?

  • What games does the person go to? A different gift will be suitable for a person who adores battle larps and a different one for someone who loves small chambers.
  • What character profession does the person mostly roleplay?
  • What does the person like about larps?
  • What weapon does the person use?
  • How does the person dres?
  • Has the person talked about any new character idea? New characters need new equipment, old ones need good accessories and improvements.

Personally I think that the best gift is a practical gift. – in particular, one that can be used on many occasions (possibly not only at larps). And what if someone already has everything, you’re afraid to take the risk of buying and you want to be sure that the present will work?You can never be sure but we’ll do our best to present some ideas for ‘safe’ gifts.

Larp accessories

  • A sword! Remember something important – there’s no such term as ‘too many swords’ or ‘too many weapons’ in any dictionary. Nevertheless, when choosing a weapon, you should pay attention to pick as versatile one as possible. Do you think there are absolutely too many of them?
  • Get a holder or a scabbard. A cape or a hood The purchase that is often postponed by everyone because there are more important expenses, and when a colder night or rain comes, then we regret not having decided to buy one yet.
  • A drinking vessel: a tankard, a drinking horn or a bowl may also be a great idea. Remember to get it already with a holder or something to fasten it. If you have more time, you can order a tankard with special initials or engraved text.
  • Pouches, purses or coins. A good outfit is created by accessories and details – among others, by small pouches or bags. If it’s the only gift, consider giving it with some content – maybe a wooden pipe with tobacco or a set of coins with a purse?
  • A notebook, parchment and a writing instrument. A gift for a very limited group of people, but it can also be very specific.
  • Shoes / a voucher for shoes. You can purchase shoes with standard European sizes in our store, which the buyers tout, but there is nothing better than tailor-made shoes. The biggest problem is that to have such shoes sewn, you need to know the exact measurements and it’s hard to get them in a way that the future owner doesn’t know what’s going on. That’s why I recommend giving a voucher which such a person will use for a chosen model.
  • Daggers. Same as in the case of swords – never too many. A small bone knife or a nice dagger with a scabbard are things that are useful for everyone.
  • A helmet or other headgear. In my opinion, the basis for every person who goes to battle larps and would like to ensure proper safety. After all, it’s like riding a bike in the mountains without a helmet – you can risk, but what for?

Other ideas

  • Makeup set. A portable make-up set with paints and collodion placed in a nice box can be a great gift for a person who also cares about characterization at a larp.
  • A camera. If someone already has absolutely everything, we suggest a sports camera, thanks to which the person will be able to record a game or afterparty, with the consent of the organizers, of course – will it be something that pleases him or her?
  • A climatically covered book or a diary. Nothing is more pleasing than stories or notes made during the game, they bring back memories of your last adventure very quickly. Provided they are written. 
  • Personalized item. If you have more time, you can also consider ordering something from a craftsman.A wallet, shoulder armour or a leather-bound notebook can be real gems – especially since they would be unique and unrepeatable.
  • Board games. Last but not least, one of the alternatives to gifts in the form of larp equipment, larpers usually also like board games, and each of them will gladly welcome a new game in their collection.
  • A voucher. If you still think you might make a wrong choice, you always have the last option – a gift voucher thanks to which  you can be sure that your friend will buy exactly what he or she wants.

We hope that you like our ideas and our list of presents suitable for larpers. If you have any suggestions on what else should appear on such a list, be sure to let us know in the comments.

Dastin Wawrzyniak

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