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An adventure tailored to your needs

An adventure tailored to your needs

The Set-Up

First, let’s explain what a prank is. More precisely – what we, 5 Żywiołów Agency, want to offer you in that area of our expertise. If you have seen The Game with Michael Douglas, The Sting starring Robert Redford, or Giuseppe Tornatore’s The Best Offer then you already know the basics behind a prank. If not – a prank is, to put it simply, a surprise adventure organized for a person chosen by you. A person that is unaware that all those things happening around her (and in which she takes an active part) are in fact a precisely directed and acted out plot, supervised and moderated by our experts.

The Hook

First you tell us about the person you want to prank. Together we decide (on the basis of her interests and fascinations) what kind of a prank would be the most suitable. A classic crime mystery? Or maybe something more similar to the Da Vinci Code? Or perhaps we would invite her into the world of mafia or spy games? How about an adventure with a bit of a thrill and a pinch of horror? There are many scenarios, and a prank can last for a few hours, as well as for a few weeks.

The Tale

When we reach a decision regarding the scenario type, we have to learn as much as possible about our pranked person. Define her comfort zone, learn her fears and phobias, as well as her biggest dreams. Of course, it will all be done in cooperation with a qualified psychologist and within the boundaries of privacy you will set up. Next, still with you fully on board, we will create a prank’s scenario, as well as suggest actors and extras that will play the crucial roles (you and the pranked person’s friends can join that list too).

The Sting

In the end, when we finish the preparations, plan out all possible paths of development, get all things in order and receive your acceptation regarding the scenario, the moment of truth is there: the beginning of a prank. From now on it doesn’t stop until the planned end. And what kind of an end we’re talking about? It’s entirely up to you: it can be a simple shout ‘All of that was a prank! Happy birthday!’, to champagne and flowers, a small party or a big one… ending with a few days of vacation abroad – you are limited by your imagination only!

So, are you ready to prank someone? You want to learn more? Visit our website and check out our full offer.

Tomasz Lewandowski

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