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Burgschneider – a breath of fresh air for everyone in our virtual wardrobe

Burgschneider – a breath of fresh air for everyone in our virtual wardrobe

This moment comes for every larp player sooner or later. You open a closet or a box filled to the brim with gear and you realise that you’ve got nothing to put on. Or perhaps you always knew what exactly was missing there but it was never possible to get it anywhere. Anyway, we all like it when the range of possibilities broadens, and this time, I think, ladies will be especially pleased!

Do you know that when looking for larp equipment in our store you can already choose from over 10,000 different products of which over 3,000 are available in different variants and colours? Is it many or few? It is not for us to judge, but we constantly look for new ideas on how to diversify the assortment and make it even more attractive for you. Those who often browse the selection in our store have certainly noticed that we’ve recently expanded the clothing and accessories sections. This time we’d like to present you some medieval inspired clothing from the German manufacturer Burgschneider which stands out from the crowd. Keep on reading if you want to know more…

Adventure awaits and it’s always good to have some place to store the necessary equipment!

There has always been a wide selection of available models of bags, pouches and purses but it’s relatively difficult to find an attractive larp rucksack. Admit it, there is often not enough space for in-game storage during a larp, especially when it comes to road or camp larps. Now you can get capacious and durable rucksacks in various colours that will fit into almost any setting.


Eye-catching designs for ladies

Previously, we often received suggestions that the assortment of women’s clothing was insufficient. Now we have the solution J. Burgschneider offer is abundant in truly unique cuts and beautiful colours and at the same time remains tastefully simple. It cleverly experiments with asymmetry, tiny ornaments and layers. Everything goes together. From undergarments, dresses and aprons, to mantles, wraps and other accessories – there is a lot to choose from! Maybe some of you will be tempted to get original headgear dedicated especially to magicians?


Beautiful elvish outfits

The pointy-eared race may be adored or despised but one thing is for sure – a good elf is a well-dressed elf. Among the new assortment, there are some noteworthy gems which are perfectly suitable for a typical elvish outfit. Long robes and capes, as well as the characteristic sharply cut tunics can be freely combined with each other to obtain various attractive configurations. My personal absolute favourite is an elegant, floor-length robe like out of the pages of Tolkien’s novels.


Historical inspirations

It’s worth noting that a large part of the new selection is directly inspired by historical clothing dating from the Middle Ages. We know that, for many players, it’s quite an important factor, especially at larps drawing on the aesthetics of those times. Burgschneider means good quality fabrics, universal cuts and the practical possibility of combining layers.

We believe that the new assortment of goods will introduce a breath of fresh air to our store. We wish you a pleasant and fruitful browsing experience! If you have any questions, our specialists are at your disposal, as always.


P.S. To display only the products of a specific manufacturer in a given shop category, use the selection list on the left side of the page and click the corresponding square, e.g. Burgschneider.

Gosia Wiewióra

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