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How to care about your costume – after a larp

How to care about your costume – after a larp

There’s a lot of talk about how to complete and choose a proper costume for a game, but there’s not much info about caring about it when a larp is over, so it may be of use to us for as long as possible (and in the best possible condition).

First of all: dry and clean from mud/dust/sand all elements which got wet or dirty. It’s crucial not to leave clothing wet, since it may easily get mouldy, thus making conservation much more difficult.

Each of the blemishes mentioned above should be dry cleaned, using a rough brush for clothing. If the clothing is made out of suede, you can also use an ordinary white eraser to get rid of stains.

Fake blood stains are another matter: depending on the used blood’s type it can either be cleaned in a washing machine or, unfortunately, the stain will remain with us forever (and that’s one of the reasons why we advise using the professional fake blood available in our store).

Homemade and poor quality “Halloween” blood can stain not only bright elements of a costume, but also skin or hair. Getting rid of it can be really challenging – one of the methods that can be of help is putting a soda paste on the stain and putting it out on the sun before washing it with a stain remover. Still, remember that such bleaching decreases a fabric’s durability – and it can leave a lasting brighter mark on colours other than white.

Blemishes created by makeup supplies (body paints etc.) should be easily cleaned in a washing machine; in the worst case, you can also soak them before washing.

Second of all: repair what was damaged. Before you put a costume away to a chest / wardrobe, it’s good to mend small tears, so the item can be ready for the next season. It’s easy to forget about it (after all, there’s a lot of time before the next game!) – and have a nasty surprise later on. It’s not worth getting angry over it: make repairs in advance, you can learn the most basic hand sewing techniques from tutorials on YouTube, or you can ask someone more experienced for help. It’s similar with damaged leather elements or boots – if the repair is beyond your capabilities, give them to a shoemaker or a leathercrafter. Remember that good, comfortable shoes are a must during a game, so don’t postpone taking care of them.

Moreover, if you often play a character equipped in a similar gear, make a list of things you should get / modify before the next game – alchemical powders, broken arrows or split bowstrings, or simply those things that you lacked during a game.

A bit of effort long before your next event will save you a lot of hustle and stress before a larp, when you have more important and interesting things to do – like enjoying your character sheet or getti into the plot!

Danai Chondrokouki

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