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Let’s dress: Bretonnian man at arms

Let’s dress: Bretonnian man at arms

As always, remember that some of the clothes I propose have different color options, and that the size in the link is chosen by me randomly. Some of the clothes also have a cheaper version, but remember. Wool looks better, breathes better and creases incomparably less during use. Here is the first of the sets, namely:

“Let’s dress Bretonnian Man at Arms.”

1. Helmet. Because helmets are important, because #kuphelm (a polish hashtag for #buyhelmet action), because there is no more transparent gadget for bretonnian man at arms than his characteristic kettle helmet. Because I was just browsing them and because of this I came up with the idea of this post, so we start with it. 5Ż shop has a really large selection of them, so there is a really small chance that everyone in the branch will have the same. However, Man at Arms is not living by kettle helmets alone, plain helmets modeled on the 13th century fit well and are definitely cheaper. The sad surprise is the lack of a pot helmet without an additional face shield. You are a poor peasant in the service of a knight, so for the purposes of this set, helmet will be the only metal protection of your body:

and Coif:

2. Shirt. Surprisingly, there is only one choice. Others are either too renaissance-piratish or simply too exotic. Good Man at Arms is therefore wearing:

3. Trousers / panties. The panties are recommended for obvious reasons, which is why I link them first.

4. Tunic. It should be simple and cheap. Here are my suggestions:

5. Hood. If the kettle helmet is transparent, then nothing alse is associated with a medieval style like a hood with a tail, and preferably with a cutout at the bottom. Here we have a really large selection, but I link the best options in my opinion:

6. A gambeson, that is what, apart from a helmet, gives your character their soldierly charm. There are a lot of options, but we are looking at simple, long gambesons characteristic for Bretonnian Man at Arms. For permanent wearing, the ones with short sleeves or with the option of untying them may be particularly pleasing:

7. Tabards. Worn as a replacement for a gambeson, or for hardcore people, its complement. In theory, you should wear your Lord’s colors on your tabard, but if there is no such requirement, in my opinion, these are the best options:

8. Shoes. Leave high boots with uppers to pirates and others. You wear ordinary shoes that aesthetically match the rest of your outfit, and in my opinion these are:

9. Accessories. Belts, pouches, purses, cutlery sets and other accessories in the 5ż store is a real tremor. Remember not to overdo it. A 20cm wide leather belt may look good on some barbarian from the north, but you’re looking for a regular belt. The same applies to a solid, ordinary pouch in which you can fit the most necessary larp trinkets, such as a telephone, wet wipes or a 100ml bottle with quince tincture. Particular attention is paid to a very useful add-on, thanks to which you can easily replace the usual bindings in your gambeson for much nicer ones. Remember that they have different color options:

10. Armament, which is what tigers like the most. You wear classic, 13th century equipment. There are really many options, here are some examples of the best in my opinion, and you will certainly find cheaper counterparts of slightly lower quality:

 A) Dagger:

B) Sword:

Dominik Jędrys, Djfashion

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