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Let’s dress: Civilian/Burgher

Let’s dress: Civilian/Burgher

I wrote the following originally for Warhammer, but it can be successfully used to create such a character in the Witcher universe. It will be best suited to a resident of large urban centers such as Novigrad, Oxenfurt or Wyzima or a figure dressed in urban fashion (such as Geralt, for example).

One of my favorite themes is civil fashion in the universe of Warhammer and The Witcher. For this reason, I decided to share with you my thoughts on the offer of 5ż’s store. I was looking through it searching for costumes that in my opinion best suit transparently Warh civilian inhabitants of the Empire, but also Tilea, Estalia or Marienburg. Therefore, I deliberately skipped the classic military, or landsknecht designs. I modeled myself largely on Warhammer and historical sources from the Renaissance period. My philosophy when choosing such an outfit is that as long as it has a clear Warhammer style, it doesn’t have to consist only of kosher elements. For example, if I wear transparent war pants and a hat, I can easily cast a 14th century gambeson on the chest. In turn, if I have almost everything, say, 15th century, it is good to put on as transparent of a Renaissance headgear as possible. During BQ2019 my main element of the outfit was just the 15th century arming doublet, but adding to it Warh-like trousers with striped leg and a Renaissance beret, I managed to get a very warhammer look. As long as you can see that this is without a doubt civil Warhammer costume, it’s good. In any case, remember that the items I link are usually also available in other colors than the one on the link, so even if an item does not suit you at first glance, before you reject it completely, check first the other color options of such clothes. For obvious reasons, the whole is addressed rather to people who for some reason cannot or do not want to use the services of craftsmen and are looking for finished products. To the point, therefore:

1. Outer, “male” garment, that is, all jackets, doublets and even capes. It is often the most striking element of our outfit. On the 5ż store we have some excellent choices. If possible, I give woolen versions, although there are often versions of these outfits made of canvas on the shop. Wool, however, does not crease like a canvas, so the clothes do not look like an out of the dog’s throat after an hour, and breathe better, which, despite the heat, strangely, stays dry in them. The body adjusts the temperature to clothes, so it turns out that you are as warm in the woolen doublet as in the shirt itself. And you are drought. Here are my suggestions:

2. Shirts. Renaissance shirts usually have characteristic, puffy sleeves and a specific tie under the neck. Also here, the 5ż store has a really wide selection of shirts made of various materials and in different styles. Contrary to appearances, the shirt does not have to be linen, because cotton is equally good and is just as kosher. I want to encourage you not to wear shirts only. The shirt was underwear and something was always worn on her. The person in the shirt is like a canvas without painting framed. As I wrote earlier, in a woolen doublet or linen vest, you will be just as hot as in the shirt itself, and after 10 minutes of wearing such a set you will not really feel the difference, but look much better. Here is my list of both men’s and women’s shirts:

3. Trousers. One of the most transparent elements of the Warh clothing. Although the offer of such products in the 5ż store is not very rich, we will find some really good options there. I would like to emphasize that for breeches you need knee-high socks, preferably contrasting in color with pants. As the first link, I also add a panties, contrary to appearances, a useful element of clothing, because you are a bit sad when you are undressed for an epic scene, e.g. being sacrificed for the whole Norsk, and there is a boxer elastic visible 😉 :

4. Headwear. There is no better way to give your outfit more Warhammer smartness than a good Renaissance headgear. Fortunately, there are many options in the store. No matter, however, which of the following we choose, always, without exception, we should wear a coif under this headgear, i.e. a cap. This helps us not to sweat the beret, is an excellent protection against the sun, it can be soaked and used to cool the head, and looks really Warh in combination with the right headgear. The first link is with such a coif:

5. Dresses and skirts. Surprisingly, the store’s offer is extremely poor. I found only a few products that might be suitable. For my part, I recommend completing a vest and a skirt, rather than dresses, it gives you a lot more options, skirts can be changed, you can replace it with pants, and instead of a vest, you can wear any of the classic “male” clothing, such as a doublet, especially if it is well fitted:

6. Boots. In principle, every shoe from the store is more or less suitable, and everything is better than trekking boots or sports footwear. I pay your special attention to the material from which they are made. Avoid faux leather and always choose natural leather footwear. Your feet will thank you for that:

7. Vest. These are the least, or the least ones that in my opinion are suitable for anything. Those that I link, with the right combination of the other elements of the outfit, will certainly look good:

I hope you will find the above useful in completing the civilian garb for larps 🙂

Dominik Jędrys, DJFashion

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