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Let’s dress: civilian weapons

Let’s dress: civilian weapons

I wrote the following originally for Warhammer, but can be successfully used for a similar character in the Witcher universe.

I invite you to the next review of the 5ż store’s offer, this time for items that an Old World’s civilian murders his fellow men with. Warhammer’s universe is extremely capacious in terms of what creatures living in it can kill with, and basically every weapon is suitable for some character there, but here we focus not on anyone, but a typical frontier’s town dweller, or an ordinary traveler, a collection, in other words civilian. A civilian from the Empire, Tilea, Estonia, but also the Border Princes or Marienburg. You will not find here katanas, nor elven or bone swords. To the point, therefore:

Knives. Contrary to appearances, there is a difference between a knife and a dagger or puginal. A knife is a tool, a dagger or a puginal is a weapon. Therefore, on the belt of an ordinary civilian, we will rarely see a military version of such a blade, rather reserved for people to whom the fight is not foreign. However, even those who often find themselves in such circumstances, more often than often will use a much cheaper, because usually easier to make, knife. Here are the best matching, in my opinion, from the 5ż store’s offer:

Daggers and puginals, or more warlike versions of the short blade. These are no longer tools, and the person wearing them communicates to the world that they are wearing something to kill, not to peel apples. It is known, not everyone wants to communicate in such an obvious way that murdering his fellow men is not foreign to them, or not such a military goat suits everyone, but for those who would like to, here are in my opinion the best options from the 5ż’s store:

Short swords, but classic swords are omitted here deliberately. While such weapons can easily be found on the belt of a civilian person, as a loot, a souvenir from other times, a family heirloom of a father-soldier or anything else, I would like to present here primarily a weapon that is transparently non-military, despite the fact that very often also used as a side weapon by soldiers. Any of these blades could be walked by a resident of a frontier settlement for their safety, or for the danger (of his victims) of a local thief. Also note that in the case of short and typical and long swords discussed below, some of them have different color options:

Axes, hammers, maces. I focus here primarily on hatchets, which may look like a tool, not a classic fantasy battle axe. Something that your character could simply take with him from home, self-made, or all kinds of sticks, which are cheap and therefore often used by all thugs and bouncers. I intentionally skip warhammers or other morgensterns. Also note that some of the examples I give have a long version on the store:

Typical swords. In this case, despite skipping again the most classic, medieval swords, I allowed myself to drop the list, in my opinion, of the most warlike blades in this category from the 5ż’s store. No more tools here. This is a weapon, and the character wearing something like this at the waist sends a clear message to everyone around. However, it is still a weapon that could easily be found at the civilian’s dweller of, for example, Nuln:

Longswords, i.e. weapons used by people living (and usually dying) by the sword, or by those who care about creating appropriate appearances or emphasizing their statute. As in the case of typical swords, it is a military weapon, but in my opinion I list the most warhammer copies that could easily be seen girdled at the side of a nobleman, adventurer or a highwayman. Again, as before, I skip the classic medieval swords:

Polearms. It is not true that it is limited to halberds and is reserved only for the army or city guards. Long poles, spears for hunting large animals, or finally a scythe – a civilian also has access to this OP weapons. Here is my list from the 5ż’s store:

Shields, or rather in the case of civilians, bucklers, because we will sooner meet someone in the inn with such a weapon than with a military pavis. Nobody really wore a shield on a daily basis, but the bucklers they actually did, and although they require certain skills to be able to use them effectively, with one-handed weapons they are the best friend of your sword, whenever you prefer, as civilians, to be properly prepared for any trouble . Attached to the belt with e.g. a strap, it is always right at hand and you do not have to part with it when going to the inn or outhouse:

Firearms. Each of the 5ż store offers is perfect, choose the one that suits you aesthetically:

I wish you all successful latexing of your colleagues 

Dominik Jędrys, DJFashion

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