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Let’s dress: Constable/Marauder

Let’s dress: Constable/Marauder

When I imagine such a character, I see a commoner, someone who fights or robs people, often wearing every day, civilian clothing in a more solid, reinforced version than the classic urban outfit.

As in the case of very other guide, I recommend natural materials and avoiding polyester and, if it’s possible, even cotton. Choose rather wool or linen. Natural fabrics are crease less, breathe better and have a less modern texture, which makes them look more authentic – and that’s what we’re looking for.

Let’s remember, that in theory a Warhammer militia (as opposed to, for example, a Free Company from the same universe) should wear some district colours, either as an element of the uniform, a tassel on the helmet, or at least a sash. For example, a militiaman from Ostland can wear the white and black Gustav pants. In such a case, however, we should avoid repeating such a colour scheme in his exterior vestment, so our militiaman doesn’t become too similar to a district soldier.

In the Witcher universe we’re talking about a character that deals in warfare, but wears urban clothing – for example a bandit that roams the roads near Oxenfurt or Novigrad.

Let’s get to it:

1. Headdress – remember to put on a helmet before you enter a battle! Still, let’s leave capelins to the Bretonnians:

2. Shirt:

3. Pants:

4. Overclothes:

5. Weapons – in this case I refer you to another, comprehensive overview of civilian weapons that would suit a militiaman, here:

6. Boots. In general, any boots from the 5 Żywiołów store should be fine. Choose those you like the most, just make sure that they are made of leather, not faux-leather:

Dominik Jędrys, Djfashion

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