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Let’s dress: Dwarven merchant

Let’s dress: Dwarven merchant

The description of the dwarves in Warhammer tells us:

‘Imperial Dwarfs is a term used for the Dwarfs that have immigrated to the Empire of Man, merging into their culture and providing the Empire with Dwarfen skill and expertise. Imperial Dwarfs are the “second people” of the Empire, its most important race outside of Humanity itself. These are not the Dwarfs of the Karaz Ankor, the ancient “Dwarf Empire” of the World’s Edge Mountains, but expatriates whose ancestors, distant and more recent, have fled falling Dwarfholds or come to believe that the cause of the Dwarfs is lost, and that they should begin a new life among the largely sympathetic Humans of the Empire.’

That’s why when we’re creating such a dwarven expat, we dress him up in classical Imperial clothing, enriching it with very dwarven accents. In this case, we will dress up a dwarven merchant from a typical, Imperial city or town, but also a big-city dwarf from the Witcher universe, one that hails from, let’s say, the Vivaldi clan 🙂

1. Headdres:

2. Shirt:

3. Pants:

4. Overclothes:

5. Shoes:

6. Beard:

7. Accessories:

A) An elegant belt with a beltbag and a pouch:

B) Some jewellery and valuables:

C) A notebook essential to correctly manage business:

D) A solid, dwarven key to the cantor, storage room, or a chest; hanging from the neck or a belt:

8. Self-defence – an elegant dwarven-made set used to open letters… and more:

Dominik Jędrys, Djfashion

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