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Let’s dress: Medic

Let’s dress: Medic

Another mini-guide for a specific character. As always, remember about a colour scheme that suits your taste, as well as the right size. As usual, I recommend natural fabrics, like wool or linen, which look more ‘medieval-like’, crease less and breathe better than plastics from a store. Let’s get to it:

1. Headdress. Properly nestor-like, a bit different from the classic:

And for ‘special occasions’ 😉

2. Shirt:

3. Pants:

4. Overclothes:


5. Shoes:

6. Medical tools:

7. Accessory:

A very nice addition would be a pair of classic glasses, even with ‘zero’ lenses, to be used only ‘at work’; nice Warhammer frames can be found, for example, on Etsy.

The above outfit, with proper size, will also suit an ascetic mage from the Witcher universe and and a sombre citizen of, let’s say, Oxenfurt.

Dominik Jędrys, Djfashion

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