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Let’s dress: Norseman

Let’s dress: Norseman

Many people imagine the standard Norsemen as an extras from the Vikings series. Others insist on the more historic appearance of the Vikings, others roar about the fact that neither one nor the other, only the combination of BDSM with the fashion of clubs for bikers gives us a real picture of the inhabitant of the icy north. The truth is that everyone is right and everyone is wrong at the same time. Looking at the Warhammer sources for Norsca, we meet all of the above, and even the champions of this people in full plate armor. Yes, the classic warrior of chaos is nothing more than the champion of the Norsca people. So properly dressed Norseman will be a mix of all the above done with the right taste, where the balance between the historical Viking costume and the fantasy elements of Warhammer Norseman will be kept in the right proportions. As always, remember that the size I put in the link is random, and some of the things also have other color options, so check them to find the one that suits you best. Also remember that although I recommend wool as better breathable and less creasing, and therefore much more optimal than other materials, some clothes also have cheaper material equivalents.

1. Headgear. You wear a helmet or nothing, of course, except for fighting. ALWAYS wear a helmet in battle. The more epic your helmet is, the better. Remember, you are not limited to classic Viking helmets. Almost every full helmet will work, unless it is too imperial. You can always and even should paint it with the colors of the chaos god whom your character worships. Level hard modification: horns. Yes, historical Vikings did not wear them. Yes, Warhammer Norseman absolutely love them. So before you say “meh” looking at any of the helmets below, think about how it will look after covering it with the above improvements:

2. Shirt? And who needs a shirt, if the heat is pouring from the sky and it makes it difficult to show them impressive muscles. Well, not everyone has a lot to show, and sometimes it is worth just avoiding sunburn. Here are suggestions for shirts any that self-respecting Norseman can wear:

3. Trousers. The choice is really big. In general, we avoid the appearance of the southern breeches, none of us wants to be taken for some weakling from the Empire. Here is my list:

4. Contrary to appearances, tunic is useful. I am a huge opponent of walking in shirts only, because it is neither handsome nor aesthetic. In the 5ż’s store I found several suitable options:

5. Fur. Yes, it will be warm, but it is an excellent, transparent Norseman gadget that should not be rejected. You can always wear something really thin or nothing at all underneath. There are several options:

6. Armor. Yes, you are warriors, no exceptions. So you wear armor elements and no, they don’t have to be just leather items or modeled on the tenth century. Your champions wear full plate armor, while classic marauders from Norsk wear their elements. Here are examples of armor, which elements you can use to give your outfits a belligerent character. Remember, some of them are designed so that they can be worn only after attaching to the gambeson and may require modifications so that they can be worn without it, e.g. a shoulder plate fastened with straps over the chest instead of tied to the gambeson, with an additional fitting inside, etc.:

A) Greaves:

B) Spaulders:

C) Arm Guards:

D) Breastplate / Chainmail. If you want, you can armor up completely. As I said, nothing stands in the way. Almost every metal breastplate or chainmail will do, so it’s just a matter of your taste. Just remember about one thing. If you are wearing a full plate armor, it is important that you add to it a suitably modified helmet, e.g. with horns, and paint it whole if possible. Normal metal paint is enough. The same with fur on the shoulders or under pauldrons. You do it to clearly show that you are warriors from Norsca, not from Bretonnia or the Empire, and you use transparently Norscish details:

7. Shoes. Due to the exceptionally fantastic appearance of the Norseman, every genuine leather shoe from the 5ż store’s offer will do:

8. Accessories. And here you can go crazy. Just look into the trophy section to find a multitude of climate ornaments that you can dress from head to foot. So I won’t link all of them, just pay attention to shrunken heads, skulls and clipped ears:

9. Armament. Again, the selection is huge. Classically, Norseman is associated with an axe. If you decide on such a weapon, remember to use it in tandem with the shield, because axe fencing is rather impossible. However, if I were to make a list of classic Norse weapons, it would look something like this:

A) Knifes/Daggers:

B) Swords:

C) Axes:

D) Polearms:

E) Shields:

I hope someone finds the above useful, best regards!

Dominik Jędrys, Djfashion

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