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Let’s dress: the Estalian Diestro

Let’s dress: the Estalian Diestro

I would like to offer you a slightly more modest post, but more personalized, that is, an attempt to dress a specific character from warhammer graphics using things found in the 5ż store. In other words:

Let’s dress the Estalian Diestro

1. Helmet: Franz Open Sallet or De la Croix Hat and Bonnet Lisbeth

2. Shirt: Shirt Aramis

3. Trousers: Landsknecht pants

4. Waistcoat, untie sleeves: Pourpoint Godfrey

5. Boots: Tilly High Boot

6. Cape and decorative brooch: Tilly cloak – wool, Decorative disc clasp Helwig

7. Gloves: Falcon gloves

8. Belt and pouch: Louis belt, Torben Beltbag

9. Weapon: Small Sword – 100 cm

Dominik Jędrys, Djfashion

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