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Let’s dress: Witch Hunter

Let’s dress: Witch Hunter

As it seems that more and more people would like to play such a role, let’s have some fun dressing up a Witch Hunter:

1. Heddress:

However, don’t forget a coif!

2. Shirt – be stylish:

3. Pants, stylish as well – after all, we are a templar of the Sigmar order, not some ruffian met on a road:

4. Outer clothing, because we don’t put an armour on a shirt:

If we don’t want to wear two layers, we can substitute the shirt and the jacket with this:

And a version for someone who prefers longer clothing under their coat:

5. A Hunter’s coat, without which no witch hunter can go out on the street. I give you a normal version and a premium one 😉

6.  Armour; after all, we won’t to underline our knightly status:

7.  Accessories – how to wear our weapons and gear:

8. Pistol, since no hunter worthy of the name ever leaves one behind; with a holster and properly stylish, of course:

9. A weapon to send witches to hell, but in style. Depending on style preferences, I see the following options:

10. Gloves, so you don’t have to touch heretics with your bare hands:

11. And the last, but no least important item: boots 🙂

Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live <3

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