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Let’s dress: Wood Elf / Scoia’tael

Let’s dress: Wood Elf / Scoia’tael

As always, remember: if possible, choose only natural fabrics; wool creases less, breathes and looks better. Most of clothing has different colours so remember to choose whatever you like the most. The same goes for the size.

1. Headdress. First of all, you have to get the elven ears and a haircut like something out of a Loreal commercial. If you really want to, you can add some leather accent or a hood that will give you enough edge to have your enemies cut themselves on you. Avoid the leather BDSM that covers the whole head. Let’s leave it to the goblins of Moria, it suits them better:

2. Shirt. Let’s keep to earthy, cold colours, so they won’t know when the death is coming for them. Remember about contrasting, which means that if we have a green shirt, we should wear brown pants etc. Acceptable colours are also grey, dark-red and even washed-out blue:

3. Pants. Don’t forget about a fitting underwear, which will come in handy when everything else fails and we do end up on a sacrificial altar:

4.Tabard, a visible element of your elven outfit. You can also add a stylish cloak:

5. Boots, thanks to which brining death to your enemies will become a rather comfortable endeavour:

7. Accessories:

7. Armour. There are a few options, for all budgets. Of course, your armours is more of a stylish outfit than real protection. Still: “leather amour is best for sneaking, because it’s literally made of hide” 😉 :

8. Weapons.  Beautiful, stylish, elven:

A) Knives/daggers:

B) Swords. Remember, the size does matter, and most of these you will find in any range. Choose wisely, but above all – stylishly:

C) Bows. What kind of an elf doesn’t have a bow?

D) Pole arms, because sometimes you simply want to win a fight:

And that’s it, I hope you like it <3

Dominik Jędrys, Djfashion

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