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Rawblade – brand new, original gear to improve your mood in the new year!

Rawblade – brand new, original gear to improve your mood in the new year!

Last year wasn’t satisfying at all so at the beginning of the new one we’ve got something for your amusement that will surely warm the heart of every fan of larps and other theme events. Everyone would like to go back to normal travels and parties. Just like us, you are all probably eagerly waiting with hope for the next opportunity to enjoy our hobby, so let’s use this time making preparations and getting some new equipment of which (we all know that) there is never enough!

We are the first on the local market to offer you the products of Rawblade, a Spanish manufacturer whose selection includes a large assortment of various types of weapons, armour, costumes and all kinds of accessories. Their production is based on traditional methods of working with leather and fabric and crafting knowledge passed down from generation to generation. It’s worth noting that some accessories are something completely new and unique. Rawblade’s products are often inspired by modern pop culture and the broadly defined fantasy style, and they do it with good taste. Just see for yourself!

On Monday, you can expect discounts on the entire new selection!

There is nothing like genuine leather, especially when such gems are made of it

Rawblade boasts a wide range of original leather goods, eye-catching, thoughtful designs and beautifully engraved, decorative accessories. Natural leather always looks good and immersive during larps. Skilfully chosen accessories will make each stylisation more interesting and will add some personality to your character. You can choose from a variety of new bags, belts, bracers, ornaments and clothing items. Among them, our attention was drawn by an elegant, engraved holster, a leather hood with an intriguing design, an embellished headband perfect for a jarl, bracers with natural fur and tall sandals with thongs, which are also available in a short version. It’s often difficult to find proper shoes for larps taking place in summer. When speaking of leather goods, particularly noteworthy are:

Unique hats and headgear

The selection of attractively looking hats is really impressive. Each design has its own character, they are neatly made with attention to detail. A hat often tells us more about a character than anything else he or she is wearing. Can you imagine a terrifying pirate – a ship captain, or an elegant gentleman, a fearless witch hunter, a jaunty cowboy or a nasty witch without a proper headgear? Exactly. Let’s not forget that a headdress often indicates social status and is an integral part of the image of every self-respecting ruler. Apart from the headband for a Nordic commander that was mentioned before, the new selection includes such items as a golden crown for a king or a turban for a vizier.

Unconventional costume designs and other varieties

Rawblade also offers a lot of tasteful, elegant designs of various outfits which you can use to easily complete costumes for characters belonging to upper social classes or for very specific ones. In our stylizations, we often need to achieve a fantasy look inspired by fictional aesthetics, for which historical cuts based on the Middle Ages or other periods don’t always apply. And there is also a lot to choose from for this purpose. Take a look at the jewellery category too. There are a lot of fancy items, especially pendants for various occasions. And when you get your hero dressed according to your very own vision, all that remains is to dive into an imaginary world, for which some immersive elements of the environment and specific equipment are very helpful. You can, for example, get a linen scroll with mysterious sketches, a treasure map drawn on a piece of leather, a chest made of leather, wood and metal to store this treasure or camp gear, or beautifully carved dice and stylized card deck which you can bring to a tavern and celebrate all your adventures with your beloved companions.

These swords look familiar…

You will also find some interesting new items in the weapon section, including such famous blades as Anduril wielded by Aragorn, Oathkeeper and Longclaw from A Song of Ice and Fire universe, and weapons inspired by The Elder Scrolls games. These and other Rawblade weapons are usually made with great ingenuity and attention to detail.

Last but not least, something with a pinch of salt

Do you remember a safe fish or a rolling pin used as weapons? Now the assortment of unusual items that you can fight with or throw at your opponents is increasing … You can try to defeat an enemy with bones covered with blood, vials with alchemical mixtures and poisons, various firecrackers or even some demonic, magical projectiles!

Take a look at the Workshop section where the Do-it-yourself category has been expanded to include new products and materials that can be used to create larp costumes and accessories on your own.


P.S.: To display only the products of a specific manufacturer in a given shop category, use the selection list on the left side of the page and click the corresponding square, e.g. Rawblade.

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