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Spring brings new beginnings to Witcher School!

Spring brings new beginnings to Witcher School!

Welcome Witchers! We’re starting a brand new adventure – read all about what we’ve been working on in our first ever blog post, with many more to come! There’s plenty happening, including the blog, zhushed up website, dates for all the continuations AND the start of a fresh storyline!

What’s new?

We’ve revamped the site for the Witcher School to showcase what we all have managed to build together,make it more convenient to navigate and it easier for you to find answers to all the burning questions – and we prepared a little surprise for both of our newer and older fans too!

What will you find in the new, updated site? Long story short – everything. Photos, opinions, FAQ, new event dates and general information. Now you can have a look at what the locations look like, what monsters will you be able to hunt, who will train you, fight beside you, be your greatest support and sometimes greatest enemy and what new skills will you learn in the classes.

Since the previous date announcements were slightly murky, we have included a detailed, clean-cut calendar of future editions for autumn 2019 and spring 2020 in all of our locations – now you can easily mark the dates for all your Witcher adventures!

Remember that surprise we mentioned?

We’re launching a new storyline! Season 04 starts 10-13/10/2019 with a brand new adventure you can experience!

You’ll soon be able to get your tickets on the new website – check out the new dates and we hope to see you soon on the Path!

Danai Chondrokouki

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