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SET A GOOD EXAMPLE AND GRAB A LARPING PACKAGE! Today we have something special for you – a contest in which you can win three awesome prizes!

  1. A larping package valued at approximately 1900 PLN, consisting of selected products available in our larp store;
  2. A unique Emhyr var Emreis portrait;
  3. A Gwent bag with cool gadgets inside!

Those two last prizes we acquired from CD Projekt RED due to our cooperation with them and you won’t be able to buy them anywhere else.

What should you do to get those prizes?

That’s simple.

In order to get a chance to acquire the larping package give a like to our contest post, and in a comment share a short clip showing you performing an everyday, home activity in a larping costume (and make-up). It can be cooking, windows cleaning, crocheting, or running on a treadmill – the important thing is that it’s in accoradacne with the #Stayhome initiative.

We would also be grateful if you shared this post on your wall, using the #Stayhome hashtag (make sure it’s a public post).

The winner will be chosen by our community – the author of the clip that gets most likes will receive our larping package. We, the organizers, will choose the clip we like the most and award it with the Gwent bag with gadgets.

How can you get the portrait of the White Flame Dancing on the Burrows of His Enemies? Amongst all the people who like or share our contest post we will choose one of them by drawing a random peace of paper with their surname form a large container. Every action connected to the contest (giving a like, commenting, sharing) will cause more papers with your name on them to appear in the bowl.

The contest will last until April 6, 11:59 pm, and it will be resolver by April 7, 1 pm, in the form of a live transmission.

The organizer of the contest is the 5 Żywiołów store www.5zywiolow.com/shop – your provider of an unforgettable adventure.
The contest is not organized, connected to or sponsored by Facebook.

Prices list

  1. A larping package
    Chorburg Armour
    Arthur Gambeson Market Set
    Poker deck Sirena Muerta
    Coin purse
    Dwarf coins
    Leather gloves
  2. A beautiful Emhyr var Emreis portrait in a golden frame.
  3. A bag of Gwent gadgets with: Witcher 3 for PS4, a set of Gwent badges in a pretty box, a Gwent t-shirt (XL size), a key fob, two decks of cards, and the Shop Troll.

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