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Temeria’s Finest

Temeria’s Finest

We present to you „Temeria’s Finest” – a stand-alone boot camp larp expanding the Witcher School universe.

We aim to create a simulation of a soldier’s training – all the stages one has to go through in order to become an elite member of the Blue Stripes – Temerian special forces unit. We want to challenge our players, both physically and mentally. The instructors will be strict. The hardships – numerous and exhausting. But in the end, you will look with pride at your achievements and the fact that you can call yourself the best of the best – a true Blue Stripe!

The game itself will be full of interesting narrative events set in the Witcher world, interactions with charismatic NPCs and learning real skills taught by our expert instructors. Above all, it’s an event for those of you who like to be challenged and prefer they larp to be more active and engaging. 

Read our design document to learn more.

So? Do you have what it takes to become the Temeria’s Finest?

About Temeria’s Finest

Temeria’s Finest is a larp for adults set in a universe based on The Witcher book series by Andrzej Sapkowski, the games of that same titled by CD Projekt Red, as well as the Witcher School larp.

During the game you will play as a fresh recruit joining the elite Blue Stripes, a special forces unit answering only to the King of Temeria. You will undergo a challenging and arduous training styled on real boot camps and learning interesting (and real) skills like first aid, survival, archery and others. Set in a scenic Polish castle Grodziec, the game will let you immerse yourself in a realistic world and give you an opportunity to become a character created specially for you.

What’s the larp about?

Temeria’s Finest tells the story about soldiers. About forging a band of brothers and sisters in the fire of demanding trials. About dilemmas posed by receiving a difficult order. About becoming the Temeria’s finest… and sacrificing much on the way.

Moreover, it’s the larp about facing a great challenge and overcoming it. Undergoing a harsh training, being exposed to mental and physical hardship, facing consequences for one’s actions – all these factors are supposed to give players a unique, lasting experience.

Finally, it’s an epic adventure set in the amazing Witcher universe, it gives an opportunity to interact with creatures like dwarves, elves and magic-users. And who knows, maybe a witcher or two… It’s an opportunity to leave our mundane world for a few days and become someone else.

When do we plan the larp?

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the toll it took on our company and the scheduling of all our events, we decided to cancel the Temeria’s Finest larp for the time being. We want to organize it someday and we believe in its future success, but as for now we simply don’t see it happening this year.

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