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The Mystery of 5 Żywiołów – solve what is delivered to your home yet you don’t expect

The Mystery of 5 Żywiołów – solve what is delivered to your home yet you don’t expect

Almost since starting our business, we try to make your purchases in our store even more fun. To every parcel we send to you we add something extra – a fudge or two, a personal thank you note, a small gift. You have always let us know that you appreciate the effort; that you notice those little things and they bring you joy.

That’s why for some time we have been thinking about doing something more. How to make sure that when you open another parcel from the 5 Żywiołów Store, you will be excited not only about the gear you ordered, but also about something extra. And we came up with an idea.

Riddles. Everyone likes riddles! Especially when solving them means getting a prize! And that’s why from now on we will add an envelope with a riddle inside to every order over 200 PLN you make! The correct answer must be submitted at the appropriate place (link lub dokładny opis) in order to receive points you will be able to use with your next purchase. For those of you who collect and answer all the riddles we have an extra surprise prize.

How to receive a riddle? It’s easy! To every order over 200 PLN you will receive a riddle in an coloured envelope that symbolizes one of the five elements – every colour will have it’s own riddle. Juggle those envelopes and create our logo out of them!

And here something to get things started: the first riddle to begin with! Good luck!

Oh, and one  more thing. Do you remember the golden rule of all our larps? Yup, it’s: “Don’t be an asshole”! You know an answer to a riddle? Keep it to yourselves (and for us). Don’t spoil the fun for others!

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