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To be someone else, in a completely different world

To be someone else, in a completely different world

Larp? And what’s that exactly?

If you have ever played one, you know exactly what a larp is. If not, one can sum it up thusly: we will transfer you to a different world  and let you be whoever you’d like to. Larp (which stands for Live Action Role Playing) is, as a dry definition states, an activity that is both an art and a game, during which the participants together create and experience a story by acting out roles similar to an improv theatre. However, it’s so much more – it’s an opportunity to fully transfer yourself into a different reality and not only experience it with all five senses, but also be able to influence it and feel emotions evoked by that interaction. Providing such experience is one of the main areas of 5 Żywiołów’s activities. If you ever want to feel like the heroes from your favourite books, movies and games – we can make that happen!

We will build a world for you

So you want to venture forth into another world and experience great adventures? We will organize it for you! In a comprehensive way! Woods full of orcs and elves, futuristic streets of cyberpunk cities, dark alleys and smoke-filled bars from noir movies, decks of space ships, ballrooms from gone eras, pirate galleons, trenches of the Great War, western towns – and whatever else you can imagine! On your request, we will write a scenario, create specific roles for all participants, rent out a location that would fit the genre and fill it with scenography, provide everyone with suitable costumes and props straight from our vast storage rooms. We will prepare a package of texts (or even, if needed, films) that will help introduce you to the convention; we will carry out a series of workshops that will explain the rules of a game to all its participants, both those experienced, as well as beginners; and finally – we will carry out the whole game with the help of our experienced team of animators. And to end it properly – we will prepare an interesting debriefing and an afterparty.

Not only fun

Still, larps are not only pure fun. Do you need an interesting teambuilding event? We can offer you integration larps that focus on building relations and cooperation within a team. Facing together challenges that we’ll come up with, having to cooperate to achieve a goal, or negotiating solutions that would prove beneficial to everyone will surely help your team to get to know each other better than they would during a standard outing in a pub or going for a paintball match. Or maybe you would like to teach something in an interesting, not stressful way? We will create an educational larp for you – an innovative, interactive teaching tool that has been used by various institutions for some time already – from schools and universities, to special forces. Educational larps, aimed both at kids and teenagers, as well as at adults, will help to pass on information and skills from many various fields of knowledge.

You want to learn more? Visit our website and check out our full offer.

Tomasz Lewandowski

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