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Witcher School and Covid-19

Witcher School and Covid-19

We are very carefully keeping track of the news and remedial actions regarding the Covid-19 epidemy. We can’t trivialize that threat and we decided to take precautionary steps.

As for now, we postponed all the Spring events and are very seriously thinking about postponing the events planned for summer. The final decision will be announced in the next few days – it’s very possible that the situation will develop in such a way that we will have to cancel the event due to official authority regulations or we will reach such a decision on our own.

Unfortunately, we still can’t be sure of the situation later this year. That’s why we will be informing our participants as soon as we can, about the events planned for autumn. Regardless of everything, we still advise following the recommendations prepared by Joanna Janik and visible on the iconography next to this text and those published under it. When we created that iconography, we hoped that thanks to such measurements we would be able to organise an event safe to everyone. Unfortunately, we have no guarantee that there’s no unaware carrier among the participants or that no one is exposed to the virus while using public transportation or a toilet on a gas station.

 Option A: we have to postpone the larps’ date

We don’t want it to happen, especially now when everything has been planned and prepared, but we can’t rule out this option.

If it comes to that, it will mean a painful financial hit for our company, which combined with a series of other loses (like cancellation of other events, school trips and the resignation of the children who were supposed to take part in the spring schools) puts us in a very difficult financial situation. Of course, if the epidemic doesn’t turn into a pandemic, and then into a global crisis, we will surely manage, but it will mean that, at least at this time, we won’t be able to refund the tickets.

What we want to propose is an option to transfer the tickets to another date. It will mean changes to the present calendar, but we believe that in the second half of the year the situation will be under control and we will be able to safely return to the witcher path.

For those players who won’t make a decision to visit us on a different date, we will do our best to give a refund reduced by bookkeeping and organizational costs, connected to, among others, writing character sheet etc. Potential refunds will be possible only when the sale of tickets for an edition starts and the missing spots are replaced.

Option B: we organise the larps according to plan

What kind of preventive measures are we going to apply regarding the threat of getting infected with the virus during the event?

First of all, we will check the temperature of every participant and every member of our crew before they get on the bus and at the entrance to the castle. If it turns out that someone has a high temperature, we will take steps as indicated by the Health Department procedures.

We are also thinking in cooperation with the Moszna castle team about additional improvements – we are going to have another meeting next week and we will probably add more solutions to the list and we will inform you about them. As for now, we are planning the following measurements:

  1. We will prepare maps that indicate the places in which you can find sinks and toilets – in order to minimize the queues. Remember about the proper handwashing and to stop using automatic hand-dryers which spread bacteria.
  2. There will be an increase in the castle’s security personnel and, unfortunately, due to safety reasons, they will not be wearing historical uniforms. They will do their best to use communication passages and be as inconspicuous as possible, but you will surely notice them.
  3. Remember – if there’s no soap in someplace, make sure to report that at the reception, so they can be immediately replaced.
  4. We are strongly considering having such items as swords, crafting hammers or alchemy mortars disinfected to minimalize the threat of infection.
  5. We don’t drink from the same mug or bottle! We will make sure that there’s no shortage of glasses. Please remember not to overuse alcohol and overtire your organism.
  6. We are also considering buying additional batches of Amol so everyone – our crew included – can reinforce their bodies before going to sleep.
  7. Try to abstain from cash purchases and prepare sufficient resources on your card.
  8. Every participant and NPC will receive a hand sanitizer from us – use it only when you have no access to warm water and soap.


  • What if my flight gets cancelled?

As for now, we can’t make any declarations, but there’s a strong possibility that we will be able to rebook some of the money you paid for your ticket to another date.

  • What if I’m not feeling well and I don’t want to infect other people?

Stay home. Really. We are not planning to close Witcher School any time soon and although we know that having to wait for the next episode for half a year seems like forever, trust us – the time will pass very quickly.

  • I have a chronic disease and I fear for my life!

Stay home. Fighting invisible monsters is a certain defeat and we think you should stay home, and not only participate in Witcher School but also avoid living home if possible.

  • I live in a high-risk region.

Stay home. Really. We are not planning to close Witcher School any time soon and although we know that having to wait for the next episode for half a year seems like forever, trust us – the time will pass very quickly.

  • So, what about a potential refund?

As for now, we are not able to give you any specific information – such will appear after the event (if it takes place). We will try to re-book the whole or at least a part of your money to another episode.

What else can we do in everyday life to avoid infection?

  1. Avoid handshakes, instead use a different way of greeting, for example, a fistbump (not a high-five!), or give a small bow.
  2. Touch the light switches, elevator buttons etc. ONLY with your bend finger’s bone. When refuelling your car, lift the fuel dispenser through a paper towel or use a disposable glove.
  3. Open the door with a closed fist, an elbow or a hip. Don’t touch the handle with your hand unless there’s no other way to open the door. It’s especially important in case of toilet door and those located in public places, like a post office.
  4. If you have access to disinfecting tissues use them while in a shop to clean your hands, the trolley and the booster seat.
  5. Clean your hands with soap for 10-20 seconds and/or use alcohol-based (over 60 per cent) hand sanitizers whenever you return home after being in a place where other people were present.
  6. Keep disinfectants near your home entrance and in your car, so you can use them after refuelling and touching dirty objects and when there’s no chance to clean your hands immediately.
  7. If it’s possible when sneezing or coughing use disposable tissues and throw them out immediately. If it’s not possible, cover your mouth with your elbow, but remember that a virus may land on your clothing that can be transmitted for a week or longer!

UPDATE 13.03.2020

Those last couple of days were very difficult for everyone. The raging pandemic is influencing more and more aspects of our lives. For a long time we believed that, despite the circumstances, we would be able to organize for you an unforgettable and, above all else, safe event.

We are sorry to write that but we are forced to postpone both International editions to the second part of the year 2020. We believe that such a decision will let us see each other in the near future in a similar squad of people. You can already save the new dates in your calendar:

  • S03E05 – 24-27.09.2020
  • S05E01 – 8-11.10.2020

The only thing we ask of you is: don’t trivialize the problem. Take care of your safety and follow the guidelines prepared by us and, above all else, don’t leave your homes in the upcoming days. Limit all meetings, stock on supplies so you don’t have to go to shops – only then we will make sure that the virus threat is finally averted and the situation will stabilize more quickly.

We wish you good health!
Witcher School team

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  • michaelllooo Reply

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    30 March 2020 at 10:20

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