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Witcher School signup information

Witcher School signup information

You’ve decided to become a monster slayer and you’re wondering what’s next? With our new webpage alive and buzzing, registering for a run (or runs!) of your choice is gonna be a breeze!

Buying the tickets is as easy as 1-2-3: registration in the webstore, choosing ticket, buying it, signup form. So, you register in our webstore, choose an appropriate ticket (they will vary in price depending on the sleeping arrangements at the castle) and pay for the tickets with a credit card or wire transfer. After that you will be sent a signup form, in which you’ll be asked details which will help build your character’s story – being as detailed and precise as possible will help the scenario team come up with something specifically tailored to your needs. You can include your friends if you’re coming in with a group or just focus on yourself if you’re flying solo. Remember to be extra-cautious about the triggers and health issues, so you can stay emotionally and physically safe!

We’ve been getting questions “which run it’s best to join?” The answer is “the one you want to join!”. All runs, regardless of the episode, are open to new players and all will provide you with fun and the full experience. Joining storyline 03 doesn’t mean you cannot come as a different character to storyline 04! Keep in mind that the Polish runs are run in Polish, so if you’re not fluent in this slavic language, it’s best to choose an International run, where the lingua franca is English. You can learn more about Witcher School storylines on our blog.

Last but not least we heartily recommend subscribing to our newsletter – it’s the best way to stay updated on all things Witcher School. But not only that! The people subscribed will benefit from getting a link to the store a little earlier.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you back – or introducing you – to the Witcher Path! See you soon!

Danai Chondrokouki

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