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Witcher School – the newcomers

Witcher School – the newcomers

We will soon open the tickets sale for the new Witcher School storyline which is going to start on April 2020. We hope to meet there new fans of the CD Projekt Red’s video games about Geralt of Rivia, Sapkowski’s books and the upcoming Netflix tv series. However, we are aware that making a decision to embark on a journey, sometimes to the other side of the world, to experience an adventure might not be easy. That’s why we have prepared this entry for those of you who still have some doubts, are hesitating or haven’t made the decision yet – we will tell you what to expect on Witcher School.

I’ve never done anything like that.

About 70% of our participants have started their larping adventure with Witcher School. Our event is friendly to beginners. We provide everything required to take part in the larp and we invite experienced people to cooperate with us as guides to this world – the so-called background characters. They will help you get involved and have fun. As a part of workshops held before the game starts, we offer a special panel for people who have never played a larp, during which you will receive a few tips about getting as much as possible out of the game.

So how does this work, exactly?

In short: during a weekend we will transfer you into the Witcher world. You will live in a picturesque castle, which thanks to our scenographers will become a witcher school. You will join a group of adepts with whom you will train under teachers playing as witcher masters. You will join night hunts, only to tell stories about your exploits later on when sitting in an atmospheric tavern, to the bards’ accompaniment. We will set difficult choices in front of you, let you discover the school’s secrets and create your character’s story.

What story? What character?

Larps are all about role-playing a character. In an application form we will ask you a few questions about the hero you would like to play as and on the basis of your answers our writers will prepare a short character story for you: who she is, what she has done in her life so far, what motivates her actions, what her bright and dark sides are and how she arrived at the witcher school. The character sheet that we will send to you prior to the game will also include a few tips about additional activities your character may get into outside of the classes and other events we have planned for you.

Do I have to possess some special skills?

The only thing we require is that our participants are at least 18-years-old. We don’t expect them to have any special skills; what is more – you may acquire some additional ones during our classes, like the basics of fencing, archery or working with leather. Extraordinary physical prowess is not necessary, either. It is up to you to decide how much you want to engage in the physical workout. What may come in handy is being open to other people and being imaginative – still, those traits you may develop through larping.

I don’t have a witcher armour or a sword hanging in my wardrobe.

Don’t worry. You will receive a basic uniform consisting of trousers, a shirt and a gambeson, and for the events that require the use of a weapon we will rent you a foam sword. You only have to take care of your shoes and some outerwear: a pair of leather ankle-high shoes and a simple overcoat or a hooded cape will do the job perfectly. If you want to, you can also buy some items in our online store and have them delivered to the event or make a purchase on-site, just before the larp starts. If you really enjoy yourself and decide to return to us, you can take care of your own costume and props for the next episodes.

I’m not sure I will find my feet in a foreign country and among strangers.

A few months prior to the event we will invite you to a dedicated Facebook group for participants. You can get to know other players there before the game, but also ask questions and ask for advice. Returning players gladly share tips and good practices. During the International editions, many participants arrive a day earlier at Wrocław in order to meet up and integrate during a before-party which is a great opportunity to personally meet other players and chat over a beer. Many lasting friendships were established on Witcher School, as well as relationships.

And last but not least how will I get to the game location?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Your flight destination in Poland is the Wrocław airport – a well-connected hub to which you can easily get from almost every corner of the world. You can use a special transfer to the castle from the airport and back. A bus from the bus company we work with will await you there and will leave the airport at 1 p.m. (local time) and get you straight to the castle, which is about 1,5-hour drive. It will take you back to the airport on Sunday at 10.30 a.m., so you can catch your flight back home.

So, have we convinced you? Soon, the tickets sale for the Spring editions is going to start. Are you still hesitating? Take a look at our FAQ section or write to us on [email protected] if you have questions regarding the game or to [email protected] if you want to ask about the tickets.

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