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The year of most numerous adepts at Castle Moszna on the Witcher School

The year of most numerous adepts at Castle Moszna on the Witcher School

International larp In autumn the big park surrounding the palace-castle complex in Moszna colors fabulously. The scenery among which the castle with a hundred towers emerges creates a melancholic atmosphere thanks to the bright sunlight and lazy fog. But this is no more than just a facade, Dear Readers, because this fall, for one weekend the 5 Elements Agency filled out the Moszna Castle with life and the castle grounds populated with over a hundred adepts from The Witcher School.

         It was the second international edition of The Witcher School larp. You need to know, dear readers, that the 5 Elements Agency already put to life 4 different storylines of the game, which all result in a big interest among the players. Never before had The Witcher School come to such size. For 4 days Castle Moszna became a home for over 110 players and over 60 organizers! This edition was prepared especially for the foreign guests, who found in Poland, what they couldn’t find in their home countries. This run of The Witcher School had players from 19 countries and 5 continents.

This time the classes were taught by 12 different masters, and the adepts themselves were divided into 8 groups. When they were attending lessons the event group from 5 Elements prepared additional attractions connected to the living world of the Witcher. The participants had an occasion to, for example, encounter the drowners living in the nearby lake or take on a mind-bending fiend roaming around the forest.

I cannot share the full story of The Witcher School with you, dear readers. It may so happen that you’ll go there yourselves. I personally would recommend it, since I myself had been a Witcher adept for a while now and I’m a big fan of the event.

So, maybe the opinions of other participants will be more attractive for you? Check them yourself!

„I don’t think I have it in me to fully express everything I think/feel about this weekend”

„I had so much fun and there aren’t enough words to thank everyone”

„Every part of my body hurts but I wouldn’t have it any other way”

„I was totally blown away by the sheer size and quality of this grand adventure we all took part in ”

I wasn’t sure what to expect but I never expected that kind of magic”

„Reality sucks, can I come back?”

„Holy shit it was amazing”

„Can’t find the right words to describe it… again!”

„It was quite possibly one of the greatest experiences of my life, and would take a lot to surpass it”

„You all gave me so much i had no idea that it exists…”

„My heart is empty, my body is sick but I am so very happy to treasure this weekend forever in my memories”

„I had the most amazing experience and was blown away by well… everything”

„Well, those were some of the most fun, tiring, stressful, long, crazy days I’ve ever known”

„In all that years that I’ve LARPed I never experienced something comparable”

Anna Peterkova

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