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Duchy of Ossorio – Knights Without Blemish

Duchy of Ossorio – Knights Without Blemish

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Knights Without Blemish


The Duchy of Ossorio is the central and largest province of the Kingdom. That’s where the Kingdom has its roots and where the expansion to the neighbouring lands began. It’s there that the heart of the Kingdom’s been beating to this day: both the old, historic capital of the Kingdom and the new one are located in the Duchy. That’s where the Ossorio family comes from. Their descendants have ruled the Kingdom since the time of Siegfried I, who reigned 300 years ago. Over the years (in the year 186 precisely), their family tree divided into two main trunks: the royal one (direct descendants of Jaromir II the Wise) and princely one (descendants of Jaromir’s twin brother Herman). Jaromir’s line of the family has been on the royal throne to this day, while Herman’s children and grandchildren have received the hereditary title of the princes of Ossorio, and the governance of the province.

Ossorian landscapes are mostly hilly plains covered with forests and farmlands. Most of the province’s wealth comes precisely from those fields and forests, or rather people’s hard work there. Huge stretches of royal land managed by minor and major feudal lords generate considerable income, not only for the nobility who govern them. It’s also a source of quite an abundant stream of taxes flowing into the royal treasury.

The important detail is that Ossorians are classic land dwellers. Their province doesn’t have direct access to the sea, so marine and seafaring traditions are virtually unknown in the Duchy.

Appearance and visual characteristics:

In the Duchy of Ossorio, the nobles have always followed chivalric traditions related to war and fighting, which is also clearly evident in their dressing style. Both men and women like to wear full armour. There is usually an element of armour added even to their court clothes (for example, a decorative piece of chain mail, an ornamented steel vambrace or a spaulder), and they never appear in public without a weapon (even if it’s only a symbolic dagger or a misericorde hanging at the hip). Likewise, the everyday outfit of the Ossorian nobility is often based on the garments of soldiers and warriors, including many references to armour (also leather) and commonly worn heraldic tabards.

Blues and greens are the colours of the province and the Ossorio family. Every proud Ossorian will certainly include elements in these colours in his or her outfit.

Names and nomenclature:

The names and nomenclature used in the Duchy of Ossorio should be associated with the Germanic and French languages.

Examples of female names:

  • Ada
  • Adelaide
  • Bernadette
  • Brunhild
  • Cornelie
  • Erika
  • Gertrude
  • Hermenegilda
  • Irmina
  • Kunigunde
  • Laura
  • Nathalie
  • Suzanne
  • Vivianne
  • Wilfreda
  • Wilhelmina

Examples of male names:

  • Bastien
  • Dagobert
  • Ernest
  • Etienne
  • Frederick
  • Georges
  • Gotfryd
  • Herman
  • Leopold
  • Ludwig
  • Manfred
  • Otto
  • Pierre
  • Roderick
  • Victor
  • Wolfram

Other lands in the eyes of Ossorians:

The County of Sapphire Island:

Thieves and bandits. People without manners and honour, unworthy of sitting at the same table with them. They should have burned the island down and sprinkled it with salt instead of signing a unification treaty with the pirates and merging their territory with the Kingdom less than a hundred years ago. Unfortunately, the treaties have been concluded, and now those rogues enjoy the same rights as other citizens of the Kingdom.

The County of Riccolante:

Triflers and frivolous comedians. They talk too much, laugh too loudly and are probably always drunk. But, let’s admit, they’re skilful at fighting, so they deserve, if not respect, at least some kindness.

The March of Charnobor:

Sneaky schemers. Nobody knows anything about them for certain, and many of those who enter the shadows of their forests never return. You shouldn’t trust them or turn your back on them. And their silly caps! However, it must be admitted that they support the crown firmly and usually keep agreements.

The Free City of Glassburg:

Pacifists, freethinkers and nouveaux riches. They don’t care about tradition and have made the glorification of plebeians a virtue. This is unacceptable, all the more that they seem to be gaining more and more influence and money. Those usurers and peddlers must be put in their place!


In their life and behaviour, the Ossorian nobility follow (or at least try to follow) the rules of a very extensive Code which, in fact, has never been written down. The Code is based on the Seven Knightly Virtues:

  1. fidelitas /fidelity
  2. virtus /fortitude
  3. prudentia / prudence
  4. curiositas / courtliness
  5. largitas /bounty
  6. honestas /honesty
  7. honorus /honour

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