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Extreme makeover

Extreme makeover

How to become a totally different person?

Well, maybe not completely different. We don’t offer inner, spiritual changes. But appearance is a different thing altogether. You need a burnt face effect because you are going to a Halloween party dressed as Freddy Krueger? We can take care of it – and we will throw in a great costume as well! Or maybe you need a distinctive makeup and an interesting clothing for a photo session (to be used in a portfolio)? Sure, we can get you what you need! You’re making a fantasy film and need a few orcs and elves? No problem, we will provide costumes and full makeup!

Face App is for amateurs

How would you look like in thirty years? Or as a person of a different gender? The Face App application can show it to you, but only on a photo. We go further than that. A team of highly-qualified makeup artists will turn you into whomever you like! They will not only make you look younger or older by a few years (or decades), but will also totally change your haircut, facial features or eye colour. Not enough? We will also add interesting scars, birthmarks and tattoos. Still not enough? Well, let’s go with something extreme – scales, feathers, fur. We will turn you into the Alien, if that’s what you want!

The clothing does not make a man?

It may be true, but… In an ideally tailored suit you look different than in a potato sack. Our wardrobe is a really big and well-stocked room. We will find there any costume you might need! You need an outfit for a masquerade? We can provide you with almost any costume – from an Egyptian princess to an American soldier. A knight, a pirate, a cowboy? Of course, classics are always in fashion! Or maybe you need ten identical costumes so it’s easy to pick out your friends from the crowd during a bachelor party? Sure thing! When it comes to outfits and costumes, there’s nothing impossible for us!

So, do you feel the total metamorphosis coming?

You want to learn more? Visit our website and check our full offer.

Tomasz Lewandowski

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