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Fear itself – the spooky fifth element

Fear itself – the spooky fifth element

We love being afraid!

Maybe not all of us and not always, but many really like it. That’s why we tell scary stories by a campfire or watch horror movies – in a theatre full of people, or (especially nowadays) alone at home. This is also the reason why we visit all sorts of haunted houses when visiting a funfair. Well, surprise: you may not know it, but we, the 5 Żywiołów team, are true specialist in scaring others! And we have quite a lot of experience in it!  

Once a year, there’s a night of terrors

A night when the whole world awaits something frightening. It’s Halloween, the night between October 31 and November 1. On that day every year, 5 Żywiołów organizes a Night of Terrors – one of its kind tour of frights that goes through the castle’s chambers and basement. Yes, it’s exactly what you’re probably imagining right now: darkness and twilight, moaning ghosts, skeletons rattling their chains, psychopathic killers with chainsaws, mad doctors with blood on their coats, demonically smiling clowns and many, many more terrifying characters, images and sounds. If we also add to it a spooky scenography and a perfect composition of light and darkness, we will get an experience that will give goose bumps to even the bravest ones!

Fear is just around the corner

But do you have to be in that exact place on that exact night to experience all of that? Of course not! We have organized numerous tours or chambers of frights that were just as good as the ones we organize at Moszna. What we need is just an empty corridor, a room or two that can be darkened, an old basement or even a corporate office with sturdy blinds – in a few hours we are able to change almost any interior into a haunted house! We are able to organize a scary experience for anyone – and adjust the fear levels to the audience’s age, from seven-year-olds to seniors! All around the country and beyond it!

Personal monsters

Afraid of clowns? Darkness? Spiders? Confined spaces? Syringes and needles? Vampires? We can prepare any kind of a scary event. You want a werewolf, waiting among the shadows? You will get it, as threatening, scary and real as the ones you can find in Hollywood productions! Or maybe your fear of snakes is too great and you don’t want to encounter any during your tour of frights? No problem, we will take out the snakes (even though we really like them)! Or maybe you want to play a prank on your close ones? Sure, scary pranks are what we like the most! In the department of fear and scaring people, there’s no challenge we’re not ready to face!

“I want to play a game”

So, would you like to play our game? We promise you – you’ll be afraid! Even if you won’t be willing to admit it!

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