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Little something for everyone

Little something for everyone

“Be careful what you wish for. You never know who will be listening.”
sir Terry Pratchett,

Even when our adventure with Witcher School was underway, we thought about making other games as well. That is why WS participants have repeatedly heard from us the question: “What else would you like to play?” And believe us, there were almost as many answers as the players themselves. Because each of us is into something different – and that’s beautiful!

“Pirates” said some, painting before our eyes straight scenes from “Black Sails” or “The Curse of the Black Pearl”. “Knights” – we heard from others, fascinated by clash of armored plates and the atmosphere of the tournament struggles. Musketeers! Samurai! Vikings! Gangsters! Romans! Cowboys! Astronauts! Almost everyone had their own idea for a favorite setting. When we tried to approach it differently, instead of asking about the appearance of the world, we asked ourselves what types of threads our interlocutors would love to play the most, and we need to say it – it was no better…. We got a whole range of requests and offers – from tough sword fights and shootouts, to court balls and romantic plots, with a whole variety of everything in between. The worst part was – there is a lot of potential in each one of those ideas.

We belive there will be time for all those LARPs, but you will need to wait a little longer for them. Not being able to do all these games at once, we decided to prepare one in which most people will find something for themselves.. The One, in which we can put a huge part of your favourite themes and threads, without losing the relative cohesiveness of the world. We invite you to the Grand Royal Tournament!

Scientists have calculated that the chances of something so patently absurd actually existing are millions to one.
But magicians have calculated that million-to-one chances crop up nine times out of ten.
Sir Terry Pratchett

Who will appear at the tournament? The best of the best – and not only in a sword, a bow or an axe. We invited representatives of all the lands of the Kingdom: pirates from the Saphire Island, armored knights of Ossorio, imaginative musketeers from Riccolante, scientists and merchants from Glassburg, and mysterious inhabitants of the dark Charnobor. Warriors, spies, artists and diplomats. If that was not enough, the legation from three exotic lands will honour us with their presence.

There will be something for those who love fighting and competition, for those who prefer intrigue and riddles, and for those who would like to simply dance and lazily soak up the courtly atmosphere with a glass of wine in their hand. The perfect compilation, almost like Awesome Mix vol. 1 from “Guardians of the Galaxy” or the best lands from the paper D’n’D!

This fall we will give you the best mix of fantasy worlds you can imagine. Something different from what you might got used to at the Witcher School – but, we believe, even better! The scenery will remain the same – castles where we feel at home: Grodziec (Polish edition) and Moszna (international edition). We didn’t forget, of course, about our wonderful NPCs – this time not as the witcher masters, but as heads of the envoys to the royal court, whose members will be you! We hope you are ready for it!

Humans need fantasy to be human
sir Terry Pratchett

This is the LARP you are invited to this fall. 

Visit our website for this event and explore the Grand Royal Tournament and the endless possibilities for your character.

We are sure you will find something for yourself!

And what next? A wonderful new world that we are working on intensively. And to which we are going to invite you next spring!

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