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A gift for a larper

In today's Logbook Dastin & Kuba are talking about gift ideas for larpers. Lots of you struggle what to buy your larper friends. Here you can find some useful tips.

Camera… Action!

Some of you might not be aware of it, but 5 Żywiołów offers something for the film industry as well. Our experience in writing screenplays, music videos production and working on documentaries allowed us to thoroughly and comprehensively learn about the requirements of a movie production and prepare many options to choose from for...

The March of Charnobor – Visitors from dark forests

Sobriquet: Vampires #intrigue #politics #mystery Story: Charnobor is the most recently acquired land of the Kingdom. The March was included into the Kingdom’s territory less than half a century ago. King Sędziwoj II Longbeard and Voivode Zdravko Vukovic concluded a treaty with an arranged marriage between their firstborn children: six-year-old Gniewomira and four-year-old Jovan. The inhabitants of the...