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I have nothing to wear

I have nothing to wear

The larping season is down – because of the coronavirus and restrictions connected to it. Still, it doesn’t mean one can’t prepare for those larps that are ahead of us in the (hopefully near) future. And preparing for a larp mostly means preparing a costume. The time of the pandemic house arrest can be used to look at and complete your larp outfits collection.

And sometimes it turns out that, as the title of this article suggests, we have nothing to wear! The whole outfit must be built up from scratch. It especially applies to those of us who have been larping for a short period of time and haven’t yet been able to establish quite a large larp wardrobe.

Thinking of exactly such people we, the 5 Żywiołów team, well-known specialists when it comes to the larp clothing, have been preparing for some time with great help from our friends (hello, Dj Fashion!) complete outfits for specific characters known from fantasy worlds. We will gather them all today in one article, so you don’t miss anything. Of course, those of you who are only looking for supplements and single elements will surely find here something of interest as well!

Urban chic and country fashion

Let’s start with outfits that are not necessarily battle-ready. First, city-dwellers – those who live in big urban areas, follow the fashion; the city’s middle and higher class. The citizens of Marienburg, Novigrad or Vyzima would surely feel great wearing the clothing from the offer that DJ prepared for our shop in this article:

But we shouldn’t leave our townsman feeling unsafe in the dangerous world and pick him some kind of a weapon. Maybe not a 220cm halberd, but something that would suit a character who’s not really a fighter. For example, something from this collection:

Tinkers, tailors, sailors, gravediggers…

And what if we need clothing for a representative of a specific profession? No problem! We suggested two ‘professional’ sets: a medic:

And a dwarven merchant (though human characters would also look great in such an outfit)

Speaking of non-human characters, let’s take a look how would a wood elf outfit look according to DJ Fashion (or, in another universe, a Scoia’tael partisan)

Si vis pacem, para bellum

Townspeople and other civilians are very often just a small group amongst the characters appearing in fantasy larps. At least as often we search for outfits fitting a fighting character, one ready to face their opponent with a sword in hand. That’s why we obviously prepared quite a lot of suggestions in that area.

The groups that have most similarities when compared to civilians are units of militiaman or bands of bandits that roam forests and roads. What should such a character wear? Well, for example one of these sets:

Those who are more skilled in warfare will also find something interesting here. Depending on the area they hail from, they can choose a specific outfit. Bretonnian men-at-arms or Temerian soldiers (those above the PFI level) can pick something from here:

A warrior from Norsca, Skellige or some other frosty and hostile realm will probably find this outfit interesting:

Those from the sunny south, from Estalia, Spain or Nazair should look here:

And an experienced dog-of-war, or an Imperial or Temerian landsknecht who follows the most recent army fashion will surely gladly wear one of these sets:

The best of the best

And what if you’re thinking about playing someone more ‘epic’ than a regular soldier? We have something for you as well!

In the Warhammer universe (though not only there) there’s a long and beautiful tradition of witch hunting – for those of you who would like to follow that ‘hobby’ we have a complete Witch Hunter outfit:

Those of you who would prefer hunting monsters should be happy with our idea for an outfit and equipment belonging to a witcher of the Bear School:

Something more

We are quite aware that so far we have showed you just a small part of the fantasy world fashion – we are currently preparing more outfits and stylings for you! Which ones? You will find out soon! Or maybe there’s a specific set you would like to see? A Sartossa pirate? A Koviri mercenary? A knight from Cintra or Bretonnia? A Reikwald hunter? A fisher from the delta of Pontar? A powerful sorceress? Tell us about your suggestions – we will take them into account while completing new sets!

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