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Bestiary: drowner

Fighting them is pretty easy, although when a colony appears in the area, one has to get really busy and really wet to eradicate the whole thing.

Witcher School signup information

You’ve decided to become a monster slayer and you’re wondering what’s next? With our new webpage alive and buzzing, registering for a run (or runs!) of your choice is gonna be a breeze! Buying the tickets is as easy as 1-2-3: registration in the webstore, choosing ticket, buying it, signup form. So, you register in our webstore,...

Spring brings new beginnings to Witcher School!

Welcome Witchers! We’re starting a brand new adventure – read all about what we’ve been working on in our first ever blog post, with many more to come! There’s plenty happening, including the blog, zhushed up website, dates for all the continuations AND the start of a fresh storyline! What’s new? We’ve revamped the site for the...